Neumarkt 10, 41460 Neuss
Tel: 02131 / 90 - 42 42, Fax: 02131 / 90 - 2471
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Tram: Niedertor
Nearest car park: Rheinstrasse 11 (2 min away from the library)

Our Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday from 10.15 am to 6.30 pm
Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm
The library is closed on Monday.

How to join the Library

To register with Neuss public library please bring a valid identity card or Personalausweis or drivers’ license plus proof of address. You may only borrow from the library with a valid membership card. The membership card remains the property of the library and may not be transferred to another person.

Adults from 21 years on pay a fee of 21 € for 12 months, children and young people under the age of 21 are not charged an annual fee. Please enquire about our special offer for couples at a rate of 33 €.


You will be asked to sign the registration form before you receive amembership card. With your signature you accept the lending conditions of the library. Please bring your card with you any time you wish to borrow media.
The following information will be kept on the library database:
Your full name
Your address
Your date of birth
The number of books you have borrowed from the library during the course of one year.
Please inform us of any change of your name or address. In case of loss of your membership card please inform us immediately. A fee of 7 € will be charged for a replacement.

How to borrow Books and other Media

Your membership entitles you to borrow books, audiobooks, magazines, children’s books and CD-ROMs free of charge. Please bring the media you wish to borrow to the self check (‚Ausleihe‘) on the ground floor. Any time you borrow items you will be given a receipt listing all items by their media number, their short title plus the return date. You should keep this receipt for 8 weeks. You may reserve a book which is out on loan. There is a fee of 1.70 € for this service. Books marked ‚Reference‘ with a yellow sticker (‚Nicht entleihbar‘) may only be used in the library and may not be taken home. On the day of return (or earlier) please return all media to the self check return on the ground floor marked ‚Rückgabe‘. The self check return is also available outside the library opening hours.

Charges per Loan Period

There is a weekly charge for borrowing BluRay-Discs (0,60 €), DVDs (0,60 €) and CDs (0,60). Console games are charged 2 € per fortnight.
Books, audiobooks, magazines, children’s books and CD-ROMs are free of charge.

Loan Period

Media must be brought back within the following times:
books, audiobooks, documentary films: 28 days
Magazines, Wii- and DS-Games as well as CD-ROMs: 2 weeks
Music-CDs, movies: one week
You may renew your media if no one else has reserved them. You can renew them a maximum of 3 times. Please remember to return them or to renew them on time either by phone, fax or e-mail or by accessing our homepage and your individual account on the internet. If books or other media are returned late, you have to pay a fee. There is no grace period.


You are responsible for the items you have borrowed. Please handle them carefully. Do not give them to a third party. Should you lose an item you will be asked to pay the original price plus a processing fee.


You may reserve all media that are on loan or available on the shelves. Each reservation in person, by telephone, by e-mail or fax will be charged 1.70 €.

Fees and Fines

Reservation of media 1.70 € per item


On books, magazines and CD-ROMs prior to sending out a reminder
From day 1 to 7 after due back date 1.20 € per item
From day 8 to 14 2.60 € per item
from day 15 and beyond 5.30 € per item
For all items charged with loan fees per item
For each day after due back date 1 € per item
From day 10 and beyond 10 € per item
Books returned damaged or stained equivalent of internal costs.


You may order books (non-fiction) from other libraries in Germany through the interloan section of our library. For each order you will be charged 2 €.
Orders are placed through the ‘Digitale Bibliothek’. This service allows you to order from home directly at the chosen library.


Our catalogue is fully electronic and can be accessed through the PCs located on each floor of the library. The catalogue is also available on the web. The address is

You can browse through the catalogue and search for items you want to take out. Additionally you can check your own account and extend the loan period for all media. These services are also available for smartphones.


A number of  PCs are located on the first floor. They can be used free of charge. If you wish to print out anything, we ask you to bring your own paper.
You can download data by using a USB stick. But under no circumstance may the computer set-up be changed. Please note that a number of chat addresses are not available.
WiFi is available free of charge throughout the whole building.

Onleihe Neuss

Neuss public library offers you a the service borrow digital media (E-Books, E-Papers, E-Magazines, E-Musik and E-Videos) very easily.
This service is available 24 hours per day from the Library Homepage. Hardware and software conditions for the use are described there. The service is available for all owners of a valid library card. If you want to merely use this service but have no library card, you can receive access data at a rate of 21 € per year. Please fill in the appropriate form on the web, if you wish to participate: Anmeldung

Digitale Bibliothek (Digital Libraries) – Project

The Digitale Bibliothek (DigiBib) is an internet portal that provides library services to internet users. It allows you to search and cross-reference a vast amount of information world-wide for free. Catalogues, full-text databases including e-journals and academic information are available via internet on any device. Interloan is also possible either from home or from any internet-PC on the first floor. Please ask our librarians for further information.


The „Job-Kabinett“ on the first floor, our special collection for work-related and education-oriented titles.

Newspapers and Magazines

You will find a selection of daily and weekly German papers and current magazines on display on the first floor. We keep popular magazines such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, test, FinanzTest and ÖkoTest at the information desk on the ground floor. They are for reference only. We stock copies of NEWSWEEK in the journal section on the first floor.

Collection of English Language Books

Neuss public library stocks numerous fiction titles and DVDs in English. You find the section on the second floor.
You can also find a selection of books in other languages, for example in Russian and Turkish.
We offer a wide range of German as well as international newspapers and magazines online for our customers.

How to learn German - Deutsch für Anfänger

Interested in learning German? Please check relevant titles on the second floor in the area "Deutschland verstehen".

Further Rules

You may not smoke, eat or drink in the library outside the marked area on the ground-floor where the coffee-machine is located. Please avoid any behaviour that may disturb other customers. The authority of the staff of the library must be respected. The library cannot accept responsibility for any articles lost or stolen in the library. Any person who breaks the house rules may be excluded from the library.

Bi-Monthly Programme

If you are interested in receiving the Bi-Monthly Program regularly (listing readings, book-related exhibitions and events for children) please ask to be put on the mailing list. We will send it to you free of charge by e-mail. You can also pick up a printed copy from the display shelves on the ground floor.

Readings, Book Presentations and Literary Events

During summer a series of readings called “Literary Summer” is taking place.

Children and Young People

Childrens‘ books in English are part of the childrens’ library on the ground floor.
Treffpunkt Lesebär – Bilderbuchkino (Storybook Reading)
Twice a month at 3 pm on Thursdays. Lesebär invites the 4 to 7-year-olds to join us at our reading-time. We also show pictures from the book on a big screen. Entrance is free. Pick up a leaflet detailing dates and times at one of the information desks.

Figurentheater Seifenblasen
Seifenblasen, the well-known and loved puppeteer plays for kindergarten groups in the Neuss region twice a month at the library. This is a  groups-only event. Please inquire for dates at one of the information desks, pick up a leaflet or here: Seifenblasen

Any more questions? Drop us a line on Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or come in and ask!